Alfie, the cat, performs rollovers to inspire us

Most people wouldn’t believe that it’s possible to teach a cat to roll over upon polite request, but it is. And it’s easier than you might think though it does take some patience and persistence. Isn’t that true of most of the goals and dreams that elude us? We get so intimidated by them sometimes, we can’t even visualize them – imagine they are possible. But they are possible, we just have to start rolling over in the right direction and keep the momentum going.

Ok, I know this post is a bit off topic, but Alfie keeps bugging me to get into my blog, chanting about how everyone knows people love cat videos and how he’ll go viral. I’m humoring him so hopefully you’ll humor me too.

 How are you rolling toward your dreams? (And Alfie wants to know if you like his video.)

If you dream it, live it.

Senior year of high school, we got to design our own yearbook page. On mine, my motto was “If you dream it, live it.” An audacious declaration for an 18-year-old, eh?


And now, too many decades later, I’m finally walking my talk. Sure, I’ve had a more adventurous, traveled, ( and privileged) life than many, but have I lived as boldly and true to my nature as that youthful proclamation? No, not even close. It’s taken me this long to stare mortality in the eye and defiantly extend my middle finger, flipping off self-imposed  barriers, which have always loomed far larger than those external, practical ones.

I have no idea who A. Kern is, but I like the way she thinks. Found the quote on the wall of an old ski touring hut while hiking the Pioneer Range near Sun Valley.

Why, is it that the best life for us to live is so often the hardest for us to actualize? What’s really keeping you from living the life of your dreams?  Let’s give each other the inspiration and the courage to face our internal obstacles and live the dream.

Day 2 No guts, no glory.

I resigned my corporate position last Friday. Today is Tuesday, Day 2 of not “working for the man” as they say. I’m taking the plunge, much as I did into a couple of refreshing alpine lakes last month on a hiking trip in Mammoth.

Day 1 was quiet, I spent hours on internet researching various destinations, following my mind’s whims across the globe and closer to home. Montana has always called to me and I’ve heard great things about Idaho so perhaps I’ll start with a trip there before the weather changes too drastically…

Today, I had the luxury of swimming with the Master’s group during the lunch hour and enjoyed a post workout Jacuzzi. (Normally, I would be with the morning crew at 5:45 AM,  forgoing the Jacuzzi, and with the masses on the freeway fighting traffic by 7:20.) Enjoying my improved quality of life already. I spent the afternoon getting this site up and running. Definitely a work in progress, but I’ve made progress and hey, it’s only Day 2.

Do you have a day 2 in your future? Share it with us.