Feline Distractions Post 3: A dieting Alfie wreaks havoc indoors & in the wild (Warning may be too graphic for sensitive viewers.)

Ok, so Alfie (a.k.a. the Alfinator) was getting a bit large even for his “tall, big-boned frame” and I had to put him on a little diet. He was approaching 19 lbs and it’s healthier for him to be in the 16 lb range.

The good news is Alfie is looking much better and has an extra spring in his step and his jump. The bad news, he’s turned into a grumpy scavenger and is wreaking havoc indoors and in the wild.



Of course, he disdainfully denies his involvement:



Alfie’s redefining mean & lean and channeling his predatory ancestors.


Unfortunately the poor squirrel was DOA. : (

And then there was the giant locust I caught him with. When I approached, he started ingesting it head first, defying my command to drop it as he crunched away on in fiendish delight.

Not to be outdone, Lucky has been terrorizing the local lizard population.

eye to eye
Backyard Turf Wars – These two don’t see eye to eye.

Fortunately, I was able to rescue this one… I don’t like violence or senseless killing of any kind, but nature is cruel and cats are known to be among the cruelest. I do keep my eyes on my little rascals and intervene whenever possible.

Feline distractions post #2 : Lucky attempts coup at Alfie’s cat condo

Lucky brazenly tries to claim squatter’s rights in his attempt to dethrone Alfie from his cat condo. (Lucky has become more emboldened since he got some air time on this blog and has started building his own fan base.) In this daily struggle for power and supremacy, you never know who’ll end up on top – the little prince or the Alfinator. Stay tuned for more stealthy maneuvers, Machiavellian schemes and skirmishes.

I think this all might be part of Lucky’s grand plan to get his viewership up. He’s still bitter that the 3rd most popular video on this site is Alfie’s Rollover Video.

Alfie, the cat, performs rollovers to inspire us

Most people wouldn’t believe that it’s possible to teach a cat to roll over upon polite request, but it is. And it’s easier than you might think though it does take some patience and persistence. Isn’t that true of most of the goals and dreams that elude us? We get so intimidated by them sometimes, we can’t even visualize them – imagine they are possible. But they are possible, we just have to start rolling over in the right direction and keep the momentum going.

Ok, I know this post is a bit off topic, but Alfie keeps bugging me to get into my blog, chanting about how everyone knows people love cat videos and how he’ll go viral. I’m humoring him so hopefully you’ll humor me too.

 How are you rolling toward your dreams? (And Alfie wants to know if you like his video.)