Sun Valley, ID eatery: Warfield for foodies

Executive Chef, Sean Temple was on his way out after a long day behind the range when he walked by the bar and caught a snippet of our conversation with a local. We were chatting about who had the best food in the area. Sean joined the conversation and suggested we stay for a bite. The local had never dined there so he couldn’t weigh in. And honestly,  we were a bit skeptical as the Warfield is a distillery, brewery, and restaurant…

But Sean was determined to show the local and these 2 out-of-towners that haute cuisine or at least his creative interpretation of eclectic and elevated pub fare could be found right under our noses. What I liked best about Sean’s “pitch” is that it was completely genuine. With the friendly, easy-going spirit of a ski bum, Sean shared his fresh-faced enthusiasm and passion for creating great cuisine .

How could we say no? Sean sprinted straight back into the kitchen and minutes later returned with some tasty morsels of Lamb Belly Confit and Quinault River Coho Salmon. Here are the delectable details:

Chef Sean Temple’s Quinnault River Coho  Salmon

QUINNAULT RIVER COHO SALMON: Chanterelles, chestnuts, celery root, fig puree, orange, brown butter

LAMB BELLY CONFIT: tomato spaetzle, dandelion greens, chevre, dried tomato crisps, white balsamic (picture coming…)

Anyway, Chef Sean’s way is to keep it “simple and fresh” with vegetables, fish, and meat selections that flow with the Northwest’s seasons. It works. After sampling his sumptuous offerings, we weren’t entirely surprised to learn that Sean has been a chef all around the country. Notably, Chef Sean helped Jean-Georges restaurant in NYC earn its first Michelin rating and most recently captained the kitchens of Portland eateries Paley’s Place and Accanto. Hmm, I guess I’ll have to put those on my “foodie to-do list” too.

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