Feline distractions post #1

Sometimes when I need to get something done, there’s just no getting it done. My two felines (Alfie and Lucky) are experts in the art of distraction. And I’m fairly practiced in the art of procrastination as well. (Case and point.)

Alfie  (AKA: Alfinator see video of his dark side, Hoover, Linebacker, Alfonso, Alfredo, Grumpus, The Biter, The Ogre) in the top photo – contributes as a paper weight.

Below is Lucky (AKA: The Little Prince, Houdini, Spooner, The Instigator, Trouble)  doing his best to distract me with his impression of a meerkat. Every time I leave my desk for a sec he changes the page to the post with the picture of Chef Sean’s salmon dish


Lucky is very jealous that Alfie has gotten all the airtime on my blog so far so I hope this post helps. (Alfie’s rollover video is this sites most popular video.) I’m afraid Alfie will be taking over the site soon and there’ll be no living with him then…

Ok, back to work, as you can see my inbox is full. Lucky again…


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