These boots weren’t made for hiking

To be fair, I’m not sure how many miles I have on these Hi-Tec day hikers. But one thing’s clear, there’s been way too many. My last trip to Idaho and Montana really did them in. Truth be told, I can be a bit of a bargain shopper so these probably came from Big 5  a couple of years ago…Looks like I got what I paid for. Next up, I’ve got a pair of Salomon day hikers to try.  I’ll let you know how they do.

What’s your favorite pair of tried and true hiking boots? 

9 thoughts on “These boots weren’t made for hiking

  • Ewww – those are bad! I have some Salomon Ellipse GTX Hiking shoes that I really like. The are lightweight and waterproof so they are fairly durable. Hopefully yours will make through many more trips.

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    • I think that’s what my Salomon’s are, but they’re just grubby and worn in enough that I can’t quite tell. They certainly seem a bit more rugged than the Hi-Tec’s. They should be good to go for a while..


  • whoa those boots looks like they have taken you on MANY fun adventures!! I have tried a few hiking boots, shoes and trail runners over the years before I switched to my current trail runners -my New Balance Leadville – it feels like I’m walking on a cloud! I will never go back to boots again!!

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    • Lol, not as many as you would think. I think the surprise snow and ice on this last trip really did them in. I’ve always preferred trail runners too and really enjoy the freedom of whimsically breaking into a run up a mountain. Unfortunately, a cycling accident left me with a bunch of “hardware” in my foot so I need more support / cushion on rugged terrain. Thanks for the tip. : ) I’ll check out the New Balance Leadville for the tamer stuff – though their name speaks to toughness. Walking on a cloud sounds enticing. I have tried Hoka trail runners, but was disappointed. They look like you should be walking on air, but after a couple runs it felt a bit too grounded.

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  • My favorite pair is no boot at all. I’ve been wearing La Sportiva Wildcats. They look a lot like sneakers but are designed for trail use with rugged soles and an upper designed to keep trail debris from coming in around the lacing. I’ve found that no boots are really waterproof so I opt for quick drying shoes instead. Add on a pair of “dirty girl” gaiters and you’ve got comfortable feet with little chance for tag alongs to get in.


      • La Sportiva is a brand that originated in making mountain climbing shoes. Several Appalachian Trail thru-hikers raved so I tried them and am hooked too. Keep exploring…Happy Trails! MG


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