Avalanche Creek Trail to the Lake, Glacier National Park

The Going to the Sun Road was closed at Avalanche for the season so hiking options were a bit limited. Started at the Trail of the Cedars, where a wooden walkway leads through dense old growth.forest, the ground plush with almost iridescent green moss and a spectacular view of roaring avalanche creek. All this in a half mile or so and wheelchair friendly.

The rest of the Trail of the Cedars was closed, but I continued up along Avalanche Creek to Avalanche Lake. This easy, couple mile trail (4.5 miles roundtrip with 730 feet elevation gain) winds along Avalanche Creek and then up to the lake, and is one of the most popular in the park. One of the advantages of hiking in the off-season, and in the rain, is having it almost all to yourself.

2 thoughts on “Avalanche Creek Trail to the Lake, Glacier National Park

  • Hey – nice to have the video! Although I love your photos too. Looks like you are getting to breathe some really fresh air and experience nature as up-close as you desire. Watch our for Bears On the Loose – I hear they are videotaping in the same area. xoxo Mary


    • Thanks Mary, I guess my earlier reply didn’t go through. Yes, video provides 360 perspective of these incredible areas that a pic and my meager descripts can’t capture. A picture is worth a thousand words, but live video is worth so much more. Yes, it did feel a bit “beary” at Avalanche Lake, and after talking to some rangers about recent griz attacks in the area, I equipped myself with some bear spray. Was wearing a bell too and hiking with chocolate in my pocket (you know I never leave home without it) before realizing that I’m a walking bear toy. The rangers have a joke, you know how you tell a black bear’s scat from a grizzly’s scat? The Grizzly scat is one with the bells in it. ; )


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