Tokyo Photo Post and Top Picks Prince Hotel & Hamashiba Sushi, Minato

Had the good fortune to travel to Japan on business and to stay in the luxurious Prince Hotel, Minato, Tokyo. My bathroom and room had tremendous view of Tokyo tower (aka Eiffel Tower knock off). I have never been in such a large or luxurious bathroom – huge walk in shower, deep jacuzzi bathtub and enough room left over for a small dance party. Seriously, the bathroom seemed more spacious and outfitted than the room itself. In case you haven’t heard, the Japanese have a thing for outfitted toilets (heated seats, warm water spritz wash (biddett & hot air dry, etc…) and deep soaking tubs. We Westerners could certainly learn a thing or two from Japan and improve our WC experience…


While I was in town for business meetings, I still managed to sneak in a couple strolls and a quick run around the area to take in a few of the nearby scenic highlights.

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As my Japanese grand finale, I indulged in a sushi dinner at Hamashiba restaurant in the hotel. Forget everything you’ve heard about hotel restaurants – this one is superb. The sushi is outstanding, by far the best I’ve had and no doubt, will ever have. The maguro / tuna was absolutely exquisite and it was a treat and once in a lifetime experience to watch the master sushi chefs at work. Was it expensive? Duh. Was it worth it? Absolutely! (The company didn’t pick up this one.)





Garden and City views from my room at The Prince


Oh, and it looks like the sole homeless person in all of Japan was sleeping under my window at The Prince.

Stay tuned for adventures in Kyoto and Hakone…Arigato.

2 thoughts on “Tokyo Photo Post and Top Picks Prince Hotel & Hamashiba Sushi, Minato

  • Thanks for the memories. I am positive that I stayed there in the 90s, when I visited relatives in Tokyo. If so, it has definitely been updated and remodeled! I liked the fact the you could use the Tokyo Tower to help navigate back to the hotel. Otherwise, you’d be hopelessly lost and it was faster to walk back than to take a taxi ride in eternally gridlocked traffic. Of course I now wish I had met up with you on your trip – you help me realize that life isn’t going to bring the adventure to me – I need to go out and make it happen for myself. As always – awesome photos!


    • Glad you enjoyed it, Mary. Good point on the landmark navigation and definitely easier & faster to walk vs. taxi. Wish you’d joined me too! And we all need those clichéd, but true reminders – life’s not a dress rehearsal – in the end, we’ll regret what we didn’t do, etc… Let’s motivate each other to pursue our adventures and our passions – no more postponing the best part of our lives for a later that may never materialize. Mary, you’ve always encouraged me to follow my dreams, including creating this blog. Yes, now is the time to make it happen for yourself. Enjoy the journey!

      So what adventure big (Japan) or small (taking a class at the local yoga studio or an art class at the local college) will you (everyone out there) commit to today to enliven your life?


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