Bozeman, MT: Hyalite Creek Trail Hike

Headed out from Bozeman to the nearby Hyalite Creek Trail Hike.

Wanted  to make it to the lake and back. The trail is one of the best in the area with 11 waterfalls on the way. It was heavily wooded so the views of the waterfalls and the dramatic canyons and the cliffs weren’t always visible without a slight ramble on spur to the right.

Hiking distance: 11  miles round trip
Elevation gain: 1,900 feet

Unfortunately, the trail was heavily iced and snow-covered so I had to turn back at Chasm Falls about a mile and a half short of the lake. In the video below, I misnamed the hike Hyacinth  – it is Hyalite. Must have been the brain freeze.

Here’s a close up of the icicles by the falls.


By the way, do you think my jacket is bright enough? I’m hoping the hunters will too. Heard a couple shotgun shots on the way down. Ended the hike via the accessible and lovely 1.5 mile Grotto Falls trail.

Ah, closing a day of hiking  with a great meal at Ted’s Montana Grill and a big sky sunset, does it get better than this?


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