Belly of the Dragon—Quick, Fun Stop for the Kiddos, Near Kanab, UT

Distance: ~.50 mile

Difficulty: Easy, but watch your footing on the uneven surface in the dark, or use a flashlight or phone to light your way.

A quick stop photo op, the Belly of the Dragon is an old drainage canal originally created to divert water off of highway 89. The sandstone tunnel features cool ripples, making it a fun for the kiddos to explore. If you’re driving by and need a quick leg stretch and the kids are going bonkers, it’s worth a gander. Otherwise, you won’t miss out on much. Unfortunately, graffiti abounds on the sandstone walls.

Getting there: HWY89: 16 miles north of Kanab or 1/2 mile south of Carmel Junction Turn onto the dirt road on the west side and drive a 1/4 a mile to a small parking area on the left.