Molly’s Nipple: Short, Steep, Slick & Sweet, Hurricane, UT

Elevation gain: 1,231 ft

Miles: 1.63 miles

Difficulty: Moderate + due to steepness and fickle footing

This suburban quickie is worth a scramble for the views and the workout. I didn’t catch it on a clear day, but the panoramic views were still quite expansive. The trail climbs steeply up out of the growing subdivision. I recommend hiking boots – the more traction the better as it’s all loose rocks and sand that rolls like marbles under foot. Not recommended in the rain, unless you want to take a slide down the slippery slope. There’s a cool wash area at the bottom and further up the road, there are some interesting caves to explore…

As John Maxwell says, and those who know me, know I agree wholeheartedly, “Everything worthwhile is uphill, EVERYTHING.” So get some good incline in today!

If you’re in the area, stop for coffee, breakfast, lunch or dinner at One of my local top picks! You won’t be disappointed. Check out the views from there.

Truth in advertising, the subdivision is a bit of an eyesore. (Sigh.)

Getting there: 1-15 N and UT-9E/W State Street to S700 W Airport Road to South 675 W

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