Pine Valley Butt Kicker Rewards With Spectacular Views

Difficulty: Butt Kicker/ Great Workout!

Elevation Gain: 3,491ft

Starting elevation: 6, 900ft 

Total Distance: 9.35 Miles

Looking for a great foresty hike that will challenge you and then reward you with spectacular views? This is it. Basically, stumbled upon it in search of another trail. It’s a bit rugged / rocky so hiking shoes are a must. Also, you’ll want to stay alert as you slog steadily up or stumble slowly down, there are a couple points where it’s relatively easy to lose the trail.

The route I followed was the Brown’s Point Trail to the Summit Trail. (A bit confusing as the so-called summit trail descends at one point and never reaches a summit.) Almost turned around at the next junction, but decided to check out the “Oak Grove Trail” another ½ mile or so up another rise. Well, it was absolutely worth it as there was a spectacular summit view. (Didn’t really notice an oak grove, but definitely noticed the panoramic view.) Target the top if you do this hike –enjoy the panoramic views from 10K ft as far out as 47 miles to Quail Creek and Sand Hollow in St. George / Washington area. The pictures don’t begin to do it justice!

Follow the first paved road to the right BEFORE you pass the entrance gate to the Browns Point Trail head and parking.  

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