Lake McDonald, West entrance Glacier National Park teaser

You know it’s off-season at Glacier National Park when there’s no one manning the front gate. Drive in just 10 miles and stop by the Lake McDonald Lodge and take in lake. Inhale the last vestiges of the damp, crisp, leave-scented air and enjoy the solitude. It’s clear, we’re on the cusp of winter. It would be great to cuddle up by the fire at the lodge with a hot toddy and your hottie, watching as the rain skips and scatters across the lake. But you can’t because it closes at the end of September. (Rats, or ravens for that mater – saw the one below the size of a duck.)

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I’ve seen lots of GNP pictures, but had no idea there was a lake of this size here, or that were so many lakes here  – 765 to be exact. Lake McDonald pictured at the top of the page is the largest lake in the park, covering an area of ~10 miles.

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