Road Trip: Pintler Scenic Route, MT

The 64 mile scenic drive began in Drummond, a not at all scenic, 1-horse town (population 309) that bills itself as the “Biggest Bull Shippers” in the country. I “ship” you not. We stopped for gas and nothing else. Historic Phillipsburg, a charming 19th century mining town in the heart of Montana sapphire country, Anaconda, nearly named Copperopolis, and sparkling Georgetown Lake were the highlights, as was  driving through the mountains and hills along the Flint Creek. If you’re into historic mining towns and buildings, this is your route. For all others, it’s clearly better than Interstate 90, but nothing outrageous to blog home about. If you have the time to spare, do it. If not, don’t feel that you’re missing out on too much.

A Victorian Western Watering Hole, Phillipsburg, MT 


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