Believe it or not: all pics are from my Samsung Galaxy S6 Android

(The picture above is not a petroglyph or an alien, it’s my creepy shadow taking a pic with my Samsung.)

Many people have been asking and are surprised to learn that I take all my pics & videos on my Samsung  Galaxy S6 Android. No, not the one that blows up, but the one that shoots pictures, you’ll want to blow up. I’m not a photographer and have never taken any classes. I love photography, but thought it would be too technical a skill for me to learn. (I’m better at just doing vs following instructions.) With my camera phone,  I get to shoot awesome pictures without carrying heavy camera gear. I love it because it makes a total amateur like me look pretty darn good. I also take advantage of the google photo editing tools and confess to having an affinity for the “pop” button. Is that cheating? Probably by classic photography standards it is, but don’t they have all kinds of magical lenses and tricks up their sleeves too?

So, what kind of camera do you use? And do you think it’s cheating to “pop” the pics?