Ramona, CA: Cedar Creek Falls Trail

My expectations for the Cedar Creek Falls Trail were low as I’d read about crowds and litter here. Hiking in the off-season has it’s perks – no crowds and no litter – yay!  (The trade off, just the damp shadow on the rock tracing where the 80 foot water fall flows.)   Otherwise, I was very pleasantly surprised. The terrain is perfect for trail running if you can handle a consistent ~ 2 mile descent, followed, of course, by the consistent ascent. My knees can’t take the downhill anymore, but I sure enjoyed the run back up.

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In the summer the temps can climb to 115 degrees so heat stroke and dehydration are concerns. Not the place to take your pooch or that friend who hasn’t worked out in recent memory  – there have been several deaths. Also, people have been seriously injured for  jumping off the rock into the shallow pool (duh). Those who live in this area of Eastern San Diego are accustomed to the hum of helicopters flying in to pick up the pieces. There were some cross country high-school boys risking it while I was there. Showing off for their girlfriends. Boys will be boys and survival of the smartest applies here.

Distance: 6 Miles Round Trip for this out & back

Rating: Moderate to easy if you are in shape, difficult otherwise

Permit needed.

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